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How to Cure Depression for Under $5 


by Glenn Shepard
September 29, 2015
Category:  Management


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Congratulations to the finalists for the 2015 Glenn Shepard Leadership Award:

Samuel Brightwell
Lockheed Martin
Lufkin, TX

Libby Campbell
West Texas Food Bank
Odessa, TX

Lori Gallenberg
North Chicago, IL

Winston Howard Jr.
Covington, TN

Kyle Laramie
Veterans Care
Lake St. Louis, MO

Jammey Harroun
Associated Finishing
Mankato, MN

Tom Jurich
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY

Dan Morris
Advantage Controls
Muskogee, OK

Heather Robinson
Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
Bloomington, IN

Brian Sweatt
Lighthouse Christian School
Nashville, TN

Back in 2009, I shared with my readers the haunting story of something bizarre that happened at a McDonald’s.

Last week I was at that McDonald’s for the first time in six years, and was struck by how much that event changed my life.   

I had handed the cashier $5 to pay for my breakfast and she said, "Your bill was paid by that gentleman walking out the door".  

He looked like a 22-year-old version of Denzel Washington. 

I chased him down and asked why he did it. He explained that he was he was shipping off to Iraq the next week, and wanted to do something kind for a stranger before he left. I got so choked up that all I could get out was a thank you for the sausage biscuit, and then he was gone. As I drove away, George Strait was on my radio singing "I Saw God Today". Chills ran down my spine, because I knew I just did.

I’m glad I got to live long enough to see America start to make up (a little) for the horrible way we treated soldiers when they returned from Vietnam, by thanking soldiers for their service today. 

But talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words, and there is no action that speaks louder than what people do with our money.  

After meeting PFC Denzel, I began buying the meal of at least one soldier every time I see one standing in line at airport restaurants. I felt like I needed to start doing something more than say “Thank you for your service” to all the soldiers willing to leave their family, risk their lives, and not get paid squat for doing it.

I quickly discovered how much happiness can be bought for so little. The rush that comes from it is like a shot of adrenaline. 

I later learned that this principle is so powerful that mental health professionals use it to ease the symptoms of depression. Because depression is self-focused, getting patients to do something for someone else diverts their focus and shows an immediate benefit.  

If you have self-centered employees working for you, challenge them to go to a fast food restaurant and buy a meal for a stranger. Then have everyone share their stories, and vote on the best one. 

Next, recognize the winner with some form of a prize. It could be letting them leave work an hour early, taking them to lunch, or giving them an award certificate.

It will improve morale and build team spirit.

To Your Success,

P.S. This will also make you look like a better leader, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

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