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I Plan to Lose My Job, Destroy My Marriage, and Gain 40 Pounds this Year


When You're Having Trouble Believing In Yourself


While You Were Trying to Sleep


Winner of the 2013 Glenn Shepard Leadership Award

2/3/14 The Most Important Day of the Year
2/11/14 Why Harrison Wilson Should be Posthumously Named Father of the Year
2/18/14 How Hollywood Has Taught Generation Y to Disrespect Authority
2/25/14 Why You Should Never Confront an Employee about Having a Bad Attitude
3/4/14 The Greatest Generation
3/11/14 How a 24-Year-Old Landed Her Dream Job Using a 600 Year Old Technique
3/18/14 Walking Away is Not the Same as Being a Quitter
3/25/14 Can You Manage People If You've Never Done Their Job?
4/1/14 If You’re Under 50, Don’t Bother Reading This
4/8/14 The Dark Secret of the Ever Ready Bunny
4/15/14 The Difference between Management and Leadership
4/22/14 How Companies Ask for Excellence but Reward Mediocrity
4/29/14 Why Leigh Was So Nervous About Sending This Email to Marie
5/6/14 “Take This Job and Shove It”
5/13/14 How to Manage Egomaniacs
5/20/14 “Marry Me and Fly for Free”
5/27/14 Why Technology Is Making Us Dumb and Dumber
6/3/14 The H.B.U. Principle
6/10/14 No, You Don't Have It Worse Than Everyone Else
6/17/14 Three Things You Should Do If Someone You Love Loses Their Job
6/24/14 So God Made a Farmer
7/8/14 The V.A. Scandal
7/15/14 The $52,000 Cocktail Napkin
7/22/14 He’s Gettin’ Something I Ain’t Gettin'
7/29/14 How to Motivate People with Low Self Esteem
8/5/14 How Many Chances Should a New Employee Get?
8/12/14 The Power of One in Customer Service
8/19/14 Deciding Who Has to Work on Holidays
8/26/14 Different Friends May Be Necessary for Self-Actualization
9/2/14 The Difference between Good Customer Service and Great Customer Service
9/9/14 The "Anal Retentive" Manager
9/16/14 The 10 Success Principles of Joan Rivers
9/23/14 Could Your Gut Instinct Save Your Life?
9/30/14 What It Means to Be a Leader
10/7/14 Raises Are Earned, Not Given
10/14/14 Why I Didn't Tell the Whole Truth about My Birthday
10/21/14 Why Women are Better with Money than Men Are
10/28/14 Why You Should Never Go in to Business for Yourself
11/4/14 The One Thing That Makes Me Ashamed of Americans
11/11/14 Why Managers Can’t Be Like a Bull in a China Shop Any More
11/18/14 How to Tell If You Supervise or Are Married to a Sociopath
11/25/14 Ungrateful Employees
12/2/14 The Big Lie about Multi Tasking
12/9/14 "Eat Mor Chikin!"
12/16/14 "There's Something about Mary"
12/23/14 If You Know an Ungrateful, Spoiled Brat, Read This
12/30/14 My Promise to a Hacking Emphysemic with Nicotine Stained Teeth


1/6/15 The 11th Richest Man in America’s Secret to Staying Young
1/13/15 The World's Greatest Milkshake Machine Salesman
1/20/15 Leave Your Home Life at Home
1/27/15 The Most Important Day of the Year
2/3/15 BMS
2/10/15 When Success Smells Like Cow Manure
2/17/15 You're a Cheater and a Thief If You Do This
2/24/15 When Miniature Manipulators become Deviant Adults
3/3/15 How to Deal With Nagging
3/10/15 Santa Clause Syndrome
3/17/15 How to Tell is Someone is Secretly Broke - or Just Incompetent
3/24/15 What Motorists Who Drive 45 in a 70 Zone Teach Us about Management
3/31/15 What Would You Say to Someone who "Misplaced" Three Months' Pay?
4/7/15 How to Join the Mile High Club for Only $20 - Part 1
4/14/15 How to Join the Mile High Club for Only $20 - Part 2
4/21/15 How to Join the Mile High Club for Only $20 - Part 3
4/28/15 How to Join the Mile High Club for Only $20 - Part 4
5/5/15 The Ten Commandments of Helping People - Part 1
5/12/15 The Ten Commandments of Helping People - Part 2
5/19/15 Why “Smart Watches” Are About to Create More Stress in Your Life than You Can Imagine
5/26/15 How Your Self-Confidence Directly Impacts Your Income
6/2/15 If You're Young, Rich and Beautiful, Don't Read This... 
6/9/15 Why the Little Man Can't Get Ahead aka The Story of the $250,000 Camaro
6/16/15 Don't Rain on Other People's Parades
6/23/15 How You Could Be Sabotaging Your Kids' Chances of Success – and Not Even Know It
6/30/15 When It’s Time to Fire a Customer
7/7/15 How Would YOU Handle an Employee Mutiny?
7/14/15 Nominations for the 2015 Leadership Award Open
7/21/15 "You're Not My Father!"
7/28/15 Good Help is Hard to Find, Even When You’re Rich and Famous
8/4/15 "These Colors Don't Run"
8/11/15 How to Manage People Who Always Want to Argue with You
8/18/15 If You Have a Son That Struggles, Introduce Him to the Boy who was "Too Stupid"
8/25/15 Money Is Not the Root of All Evil
9/1/15 Don't Marry Someone You Intend to Change, or Hire Someone You Intend to Fix
9/8/15 “If You Loved Me, You’d Buy Me the Barbie Doll”
9/15/15 Does Your Policy Manual State “Underwear Is Not Optional”?
9/22/15 What Owning a Business Really Means
9/28/15 How to Cure Depression for Under $5
10/6/15 The Most Important – and Profitable – Question You Should Ask Your Boss
10/13/15 Why a College Degree Doesn’t Make You a Good Employee
10/20/15 My Birthday Wish
10/27/15 Understand the Difference Between Control and Authority
11/3/15 The Most Valuable Job Skill You Can Have
11/10/15 Thanksgiving with The Real Housewives of Dysfunction City
11/17/15 Treat Every Customer As If They Sign Your Paycheck, Because They Do
11/24/15 You Are Loved and Appreciated
12/1/15 Failure to Launch
12/8/15 The “Barf Bag Speech”
12/15/15 The 2015 Leadership Award Winner
12/22/15 Do You Get Urinated on for Doing YOUR Job?
12/29/15 “The Better People Pledge”
1/5/16 How to Increase Your Income and Add 2 Years to Your Life in 30 Seconds
1/12/16 In Order to Have a Job You Love, You Have to Do Things You Hate
1/19/16 “You Can't Help People Who Won't Help Themselves”
1/26/16 Why I Hate February 1st
2/2/16 When You’re No Longer Presumed to Be Innocent Under the Law
2/9/16 Hypochondria by Death Proxy
2/16/16 No Matter What Business You’re In, People Will Always Be People
2/23/16 Why Your Company Won’t Give You a Raise
3/1/16 The “Dumb Blonde” That Didn’t Get “No Respect”
3/8/16 The Biggest Career Killer of All
3/15/16 Don't Let Sore Losers Try to Make You Feel Guilty for Being Successful
3/22/16 Why Being Good at Your Job Doesn’t Make You a Good Employee
3/29/16 Who’s More Motivated: You, or the Town Drunk on Mayberry RFD?
4/5/16 What Advice Would You Give Yourself If You Could Go Back in Time to When You Were 17?
4/12/16 Never, Ever, Ever Badmouth Your Company In Front of Customers
4/19/16 Would You Refuse to Hire Someone Because of How They Treat Their Spouse?
4/26/16 Which is True?
1. Birds of a Feather Flock Together or 2. Opposites Attract
5/3/16 Taking Back a Yes When You Should Have Said No
5/10/16 Would You Allow Your Employees to Take Naps?
5/17/16 Don’t Forget to Acknowledge Low Maintenance Employees
5/24/16 The Worst Mistake You Can Make as a Parent – and Why Over Half of All Parents Do It
5/31/16 How to Keep from Losing Your Confidence and Self Esteem when Everything’s Going Wrong in Your Life
6/7/16 How to Keep Believing in Yourself When You Don’t Believe in Yourself - Part 2 of a Special Two Part Series
6/14/16 The World’s “Longest Umbilical Cord”
6/21/16 How to Ruin Your Career by Not Thinking Things Through
6/28/16 If You Hate Performance Evals, Don’t Read This…
7/5/16 What Do You Do When You’ve “Peaked”
7/12/16 A Thank You Letter to COPs
7/19/16 Which Would You Be More Likely to Respond to?
A. 21-Year-Old Models with Perfect Bodies
B. 36-Year-Old Moms with Normal Bodies
7/26/16 When You Should Be Happy That Employees Quit
8/2/16 Nominations for the 2016 Leadership Award Open
8/9/16 Why Millennials Aren’t Eating Their Wheaties
8/16/16 People Will Find Money for the Things They Want to Find Money For
8/23/16 Why Do Whiners Whine?
8/30/16 Why You Have to Let People Fail
9/6/16 5 Reasons You Have to Invest in Training Your People
9/13/16 Why People Who Monopolize Conversations Have Lower Self Esteem – and Die Younger
9/20/16 The Danger in Getting Everything You Want
9/27/16 Would Your Spouse Have Married You If They Knew They Were Also Marrying Your Career?
10/4/16 A Misfit Named Paul
(If You Have a Son Who’s Struggling, You Need to Read This)
10/11/16 Why We Didn't Buy Kenny Rogers' House
but got the best customer service ever
10/18/16 The Fairly Odd Reason I Gave Up M&Ms on My Birthday
10/25/16 Black People Don’t Belong in Country Music…”
11/1/16 If You’re Sick of Hearing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Go at Each Other, This Will Make You Vomit
11/8/16 “If I Catch Any Wild Women, I’ll Call You and Ask What to Do With Them”
11/15/16 Stop Being a Monkey Dump!
11/22/16 Keeping My Promise to a Dying Man
11/29/16 The “Rules of Life”
12/6/16 How to Be a Leader Among Leaders
12/13/16 What’s the Biggest Part of Dolly Parton’s Anatomy?
12/20/16 It’s a Wonderful Life – 70 Years Later
12/27/16 The “Better People Pledge” for 2017
1/2/17 My Epitaph
1/10/17 Why Leadership Is Not for Sissies
1/17/17 “It Can Flush a Bucket of Golf Balls”
1/24/17 “I’m a Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona…”
1/31/17 Why I Hate February 1st
2/7/17 Why I Wanted to Hate Tom Brady… but Couldn’t
2/14/17 Five Reasons I’d Rather Hire Dogs than People
2/21/17 "These Girl Scout Cookies Are as Flavorless as Dirt”
2/28/17 “Let’s See How They Do Without You”
3/7/17 How to Keep from Becoming a “Career Zombie”
3/14/17 The Dead People in My Front Yard
3/21/17 Why a Louisiana Woman Who Cleaned Up After Suicides Loved Her Job
(WARNING: This article contains extremely graphic descriptions)
3/28/17 How Many Hours in an 8-Hour Work Day Are Your Employees Actually Working???
4/4/17 Stop Whining. You’ve Got It So Much Easier than You Know
4/11/17 Is That the Best You Can Do?
4/18/17 What You Didn’t Know about the Woman Cleaning Your Toilet
4/25/17 The Dumbest Thing Anyone has Ever Said
5/2/17 Why Firing People Is Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Do for Them
5/9/17 Correcting Employee Problems with an Action Plan
5/16/17 10 Ways to Tell If You’re Sleeping with a Sociopath
5/23/17 Why Getting Paid More Today Can Cause You to Make Less Tomorrow
5/30/17 Don’t Let Losers Pull You Down while You’re Trying to Pull Yourself Up
6/6/17 Why “Making the Rich Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes” Is Insulting to Your Intelligence
6/13/17 Why No One Ever Buys a Drill from Home Depot
6/20/17 Why People Now Have a Shorter Attention Span than Goldfish
6/27/17 When Your A-Game Employees Bring Their B-Game to the Job
7/4/17 “We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!”
7/11/17 The Pain or Gain Principle
7/18/17 Why You Should Knock Out the Most Unpleasant Task First Thing in Your Day
7/25/17 Why I Hired a Serial Killer
8/1/17 The Curious Case of Carlos the Locksmith
8/8/17 What Would You Do If You Found Yourself in a Strange Place with Three Kids to Feed and No Source of Income?
8/15/17 27 Stitches but No Margarita
8/22/17 You Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape, You Don't Pull the Mask Off the Lone Ranger, and You Don’t Cross Taylor Swift
8/29/17 The 4 Worst Words Anyone Has Ever Said to Me
9/5/17 The Difference between Good and Great Employees Doesn’t Lie in Their Capabilities, It Lies in Yours
9/12/17 Why Your SS Number Has Been Compromised – and You Don’t Even Know It
9/19/17 You Don’t Have to Like People to Get Along with Them
9/26/17 How to Manage Hypochondriacs
10/3/17 Why We May Be Raising the Most Unhappy and Unfulfilled Generation Ever – and How to Change That
10/10/17 The Story Behind “Pay It Forward Birthdays”
10/17/17 “Now I’m Free…. Free Fallin’”
10/24/17 “I’m Not Gonna Leave No Money for Dudes…”
10/31/17 How Would You Rate This Woman’s Leadership Skills?
11/7/17 Leadership – Texas Style
11/14/17 Would You Refuse to Hire Someone Because She Isn’t Blonde?
11/21/17 Why Thanksgiving Is a Lie
11/28/17 Why Christmas Bonuses Should be Abolished Along with Participation Trophies
12/5/17 People Are People Everywhere I Go… Except in Texas
12/12/17 Why You Need to Be So Careful About Really Good People Who Give Really Bad Advice
12/19/17 A Confused American Looks Back at “The Crying Indian”
12/26/17 I Saw God Today… in a Parking Lot on a Rough Side of Town
1/2/18 Why I Begin Each Year by Looking Back at Who Died
1/9/18 “Glenn Shepard Teaches Leaders to be A**holes” Part 1 of 3
1/16/18 “Glenn Shepard Teaches Leaders to be A**holes” Part 2 of 3
1/23/18 “Glenn Shepard Teaches Leaders to be A**holes” Part 3 of 3
1/30/18 Why Money Is a Lousy Motivator
2/6/18 Move Over Millennials! Here Comes Generation Z
2/13/18 Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Friends






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